vite: not found Error in Laravel 11

Last update: 06-02-2024

As a new Laravel developer, you might run into various issues while setting up your development environment. One such issue that I encountered recently involved an error with Vite while using Laravel Breeze for authentication. Here's a quick tip that might save you some troubleshooting time.

The Problem:

After cloning my Laravel 11 repository and setting up the environment, I tried to build the assets by running the following command:

npm run build

However, I was greeted with the following error message:

> build
> vite build

sh: 1: vite: not found

The Solution:

The error message indicated that the vite command was not found. This typically happens when the npm packages are not installed. To resolve this, you need to install the npm dependencies by running:

npm install

After running this command, the required packages will be installed, and you should be able to successfully build your assets with:

npm run build


This small oversight of forgetting to install npm dependencies can be a common pitfall, especially when you're in the middle of setting up your development environment or cloning a new repository. Remembering to run npm install can save you from such errors and keep your workflow smooth.

Happy coding!


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